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Dafydd Hughes has acted for several seafarers including MMO and PAM operators, divers, skippers and a variety of individuals working in the gas and oil industries, gaining an excellent reputation and many referrals over the years. Having several years experience of dealing with clients in this industry who may be eligible to claim Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED) against their income, we are well positioned to advise you on the complex rules and ensure that you qualify for any tax relief you may be due.

Over the years Dafydd has successfully defended a number of individuals who have been the subject of HMRC tax investigations and employment status disputes, so can advise you from the outset about the pitfalls to avoid, evidence required and ensuring that any SED claim has the best chance of standing up to HMRC scrutiny.

Many individuals who complete surveys in the oil industry through agencies encounter numerous problems relating to contracts, employment status, number of days spent overseas etc. so we encourage our clients to seek our advice on these issues, and it is all included in the Fixed Fee.

With many of the leading agencies now only offering work to individuals working through a Ltd company or umbrella company, we can offer advice and a bespoke solution to take advantage of this.

Seafarers tax advice

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